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Ultimate Spider-Man Magazine

Marvel Spider-Man™ magazine
Kids can learn and have fun with every exciting 52 page magazine. Every action-packed issue includes:

Exciting Spider-Man comic stories to read

Fun and challenging activities, games, and crafts

Adventurous puzzles to complete

Fabulous games to play and enjoy

Collectible Spider-Man pull-out poster

Spidey's Web Mail; featuring readers' pictures

Quizzes, features, and loads more!

Suggested reader age 6 - 12yrs

6 official Marvel Spider-Man magazines published every year!

Available on the newsstand in the US and Canada.

Marvel Spider-Man magazine is aimed at children aged 6 - 12 years. The magazine is designed to enhance learning, helping to develop key skills and abilities with the awesome characters they love.

Key areas of learning include:
Personal, social and emotional development
Reading and writing
Expression and creativity
Communication and language development
Physical development